Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guardian of Books

I love books!
Not just because I'm a mother and teacher, but because reading is just magical. (Read every day!)

Christmas brought a new type of magic related to books.. the Guardian of Books turned up one morning and has stuck around!

He looks harmless enough with all the soft cuddly red fur, and the three eyes that sparkle when he smiles. He is shaped like a book, which he believes lets him blend in and hide away amongst other books. (we havent had the heart to tell him he stands out like a sore thumb!)

 He loves to be pampered! He enjoys cuddles and likes his fur being stroked and styled in different ways.

He is at his happiest when being read too!
Just dont forget to read to him everyday... otherwise he may lick you into submission.

**I admit, I am a Harry Potter fan and like so many other versions, my inspiration probably stems from the monster book of monsters. This one is slightly less evil though! The design took a full late night of sketching, pattern making and testing. I have a new appreciation for the Project runway contestents.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tattooed Bunny

What to give a fantastic person and their young son for christmas? Why not a Bunny that has identical tattoos to the mum!

I have always wanted to tattoo one of my punk bunnies but it seemed to slip down the to-do list.
Christmas was the perfect time. I took some photos of my friend, which showed she trusted me as I wouldnt tell her why. I then hand painted the tattoos with fabric paint before sewing it all together.

 It turned out great! It was meant to be a present for her son, but she was quite certain it was going to remain hers. I might need to make another one!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Pieces

have completes the new pieces I have been working on the last month.
1. Lioness Heads - Molded using silicone and cast in a few different ways.
I have used tinted Klear Kast, beautiful crystal like but I was so eager to get the blue one out of the mold that it is a little bit tacky.
Pearlex powders inside the mold were fabulous! I love the way they shimmer. Bonus, because I used Easy Cast, much faster demolding time with no tacky surfaces!

2. Bats - I LOVE my bats more and more. I sculpted it out off clay then molded it in silicone (have I mentioned I love silicone!!). Although you can see little faults from the clay, I think it just ats character. (and I will stick by this story untill I learn to sculpt to a smoother finish). My favourite is the full moon, tree and bat. I really like how the sketch worked on top of the colours.

3. Teddy Bears - another simple cookie-cutter inspired piece. I wasnt sure if the whole colour worked on such a piece so turnrd them into "love grows" bears. Their heart is sketched as part of a growing, fern like plant.
Pieces available on my FELT store.

Also Special thanks to the great advice given by TOPMARK (link to the right). It is one of the only places in Auckland to get all your resin and sculpting needs (plus heaps more!).
If your feeling inspired and need to learn some of the basics, there are lota of places on the web! One I reccommend is Resin Obsession.  There is some great advice and helpful hints, including great videos that helped me through the sanding process.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The beginning

I saw a number of scrabble tile based pendants using resin. Ideas began to flow, and after some basic pendants with a picture embedded into it (using a cheap resin with a million bubbles! AHHHH!), I have begun experimenting with new insertions, especially of nature. I have also begun to make my own silicone moulds, using shapes I have moulded in clay first.
Now this, on the surface, seems potentially easy. But unfortunately my Island of Creativity doesn’t come with skilled tutors or a fully stocked studio. Thankfully, obsession seems to over-ride these necessities and the experiments continue. (The NZ “Number 8 wire” philosophy** comes in handy at this point!!)
My mind is full of resin creations that I’m still working out how to ‘bring to life’. In fact, I often find myself creating something in a dream-like, out-of-body, state and ending up slightly surprised by the final outcome. Some of my bigger ideas (the lurking beasts) involve much larger art pieces.

** Kiwi ingenuity: This is the idea that New Zealanders display a MacGyver-like ability to solve any problem, often using unconventional means or whatever happens to be lying around. This is also described as the Number 8 wire mentality, which holds that anything can be made or fixed with basic or everyday materials, such as number 8 fencing wire.