Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The beginning

I saw a number of scrabble tile based pendants using resin. Ideas began to flow, and after some basic pendants with a picture embedded into it (using a cheap resin with a million bubbles! AHHHH!), I have begun experimenting with new insertions, especially of nature. I have also begun to make my own silicone moulds, using shapes I have moulded in clay first.
Now this, on the surface, seems potentially easy. But unfortunately my Island of Creativity doesn’t come with skilled tutors or a fully stocked studio. Thankfully, obsession seems to over-ride these necessities and the experiments continue. (The NZ “Number 8 wire” philosophy** comes in handy at this point!!)
My mind is full of resin creations that I’m still working out how to ‘bring to life’. In fact, I often find myself creating something in a dream-like, out-of-body, state and ending up slightly surprised by the final outcome. Some of my bigger ideas (the lurking beasts) involve much larger art pieces.

** Kiwi ingenuity: This is the idea that New Zealanders display a MacGyver-like ability to solve any problem, often using unconventional means or whatever happens to be lying around. This is also described as the Number 8 wire mentality, which holds that anything can be made or fixed with basic or everyday materials, such as number 8 fencing wire.

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