Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Pieces

have completes the new pieces I have been working on the last month.
1. Lioness Heads - Molded using silicone and cast in a few different ways.
I have used tinted Klear Kast, beautiful crystal like but I was so eager to get the blue one out of the mold that it is a little bit tacky.
Pearlex powders inside the mold were fabulous! I love the way they shimmer. Bonus, because I used Easy Cast, much faster demolding time with no tacky surfaces!

2. Bats - I LOVE my bats more and more. I sculpted it out off clay then molded it in silicone (have I mentioned I love silicone!!). Although you can see little faults from the clay, I think it just ats character. (and I will stick by this story untill I learn to sculpt to a smoother finish). My favourite is the full moon, tree and bat. I really like how the sketch worked on top of the colours.

3. Teddy Bears - another simple cookie-cutter inspired piece. I wasnt sure if the whole colour worked on such a piece so turnrd them into "love grows" bears. Their heart is sketched as part of a growing, fern like plant.
Pieces available on my FELT store.

Also Special thanks to the great advice given by TOPMARK (link to the right). It is one of the only places in Auckland to get all your resin and sculpting needs (plus heaps more!).
If your feeling inspired and need to learn some of the basics, there are lota of places on the web! One I reccommend is Resin Obsession.  There is some great advice and helpful hints, including great videos that helped me through the sanding process.

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