Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guardian of Books

I love books!
Not just because I'm a mother and teacher, but because reading is just magical. (Read every day!)

Christmas brought a new type of magic related to books.. the Guardian of Books turned up one morning and has stuck around!

He looks harmless enough with all the soft cuddly red fur, and the three eyes that sparkle when he smiles. He is shaped like a book, which he believes lets him blend in and hide away amongst other books. (we havent had the heart to tell him he stands out like a sore thumb!)

 He loves to be pampered! He enjoys cuddles and likes his fur being stroked and styled in different ways.

He is at his happiest when being read too!
Just dont forget to read to him everyday... otherwise he may lick you into submission.

**I admit, I am a Harry Potter fan and like so many other versions, my inspiration probably stems from the monster book of monsters. This one is slightly less evil though! The design took a full late night of sketching, pattern making and testing. I have a new appreciation for the Project runway contestents.

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