Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bunny Playset

A toy without plastic parts or batteries? Absolutely!
My love for rabbits lead to a small explosion of bunnies multyplying around the house.
My next problem was they needed a home, so I designed a playmat/house for them out of felt.
There is a garden full of carrots and lettuce, a small pond and a log for sheltering from the rain or sunbathing on top of.

After a christmas where I attempted to make most of the gifts by hand, I have renewed my sewing bug. My resin has taken a slight back seat as the mini bunnies and tattoo bunnies take over.
This playset was first sketched up and the pieces cut out of paper. Once the paper prototype looked about right, I made it in felt. It's amazing to watch something that was a rough sketch, form into a working thing. Like everything I make, the process can cause frustration, a few swear words and the occasional needle poked finger. But the end, the final point when the last stitch is in place and the last thread cut.. thats when the magic happens. It stops being just fabric, just felt... and it is suddenly SOMETHING!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guardian of books Warning

A new development in the ownership of a Guardian!

They can sometimes lurk outside in the bushes waiting to sneak up on someone or something. This one I caught with an Earth Bunny. The bunny refused to read a book, and payed the price!

 and this green Guardian? I'm not sure what broken rules lead to this...