Monday, February 28, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde Bunny

There are moments when insomnia can lead to strange creative inspirations!
This bunny is one of these. His head reverses up over itself and reveals an evil side. A bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

At first I thought he was a good bunny with the tendency for bad. After a while spending time with him though, I have realised he is a bad bunny, and his good side is merely a mask he wears.

I redrew my bunny pattern to half its side in case it all turned to chaos and then spent a number of hours making up the rest as I went along. What's odd is, I understood the general mechanics of what I wanted to achieve but had no real knowledge of how to do it. Once in the zone though, it was like I was channelling others, far more superior to me.
There is only one major fault I'll need to fix, when his head is reversed over, there is a big bump on the back of his head. the front is bigger then the back, so maybe I need to make them the same size?

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