Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sailor Bunny

Not all bunnys want to deliver eggs! Some want to venture out to sea...
This Sailor Bunny is sporting a number of traditional tattoos based on Sailor Jerry Tattoos.
He is a young sailor, so is only just beginning his collection. these tattoo's hold some meaning...

1. Swallow on his chest - because it will always find its way home, and to show he has sailed 5000 miles.
2. Anchor - for sailing the Atlantic
3. Large ship on his back - for sailing around Cape Horn
4. Lovely lady - so he's never alone
5. Panther - for strength and courage

This Sailor Bunny has a grey mohawk that has to be hidden under his sailor hat during work, and a pair of tough shorts, just right for swabbing the decks!

I'm happy with how he came out. Like all my bunnys he is addictively cuddly and soft, but his tattoos really add to his appeal. They have been hand drawn with fabric pens, so he is washable.

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