Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wk 1 - 365 project update

Just a Sunday Update on my 365 project.If you havent looked yet, head to Creative Animalia Daily to see the progress.

                                 Day 1: Dragon,       Day 2: Fantail 3D,   Day 3: Fantail Felt art

                    Day 4: On the Fence sketch, Day 5: monster, Day 6: More Bunnies

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Felt Kiwi Featured..

Little kiwi featured again - Birds of a feather treasury.
I really enjoy the treasuries on Etsy, you stumble across so many crafty items you might otherwise have missed. here are my favs from this treasury...
Miniature Kiwi Birds - Set of Four - Studio Selected FINE ART Print Blue Tits 8x11 /A4 illustration - Limited Edition Set of 3 - Mini Fabric Organizer Bins - Almond Sparrows - Aviary   Copper Bird Leaf Pendant handmade in the UK, flies internationally

NZ Fantail in 3d at last

I wanted to try to start making my birds 3D. I thought the fantail would be the most challenging, so adapted him first. I think the fantail came out well, though he does look a bit angry at some angles (will need to rethink eyes!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Teenagers and etsy monsters

A house with grumpy teens... Always best to TRY and walk away as they are just crazy at this age. So I escaped to Etsy and found some cool monsters that reminded me of the teens. Some are quite true to life :)
The Boss - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph Peace That Conquered Beast - 5x7 hand signed open edition print by Bryan Collins On My Shoulder Edward MONSTER KILLS YOUR JOY jumbo print one of a kind cloth art doll, Niels the troll 
(if you havent yet, read the Nigel Latta book "before your teenagers drive you crazy". this guy is a clinical psychologist, with a touch of comedian that makes his show a delight to watch)

Craft Fuel.... Cinnamon scrolls

Just a quick note to say how fabulous these scrolls are!
Makes alot and is irresistable. I advise you make them for an occasion, gathering or give as gifts, or they will sit and call your name. Mine came out sticky but were devine.
The recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Featured on ETSY treasury

My felt kiwi was featured on a Treasury at ETSY...Exotic Places
This treasury has some great pieces.

Village Provencal - Hand painted glass bottle for oil, vinegar, soap
4 Gondolas Wool felt Kangaroo Mom and Joey toy animal UNIQUE Pendant Moroccan Art Swag Metal/Brass Lamp Shade

A Little Bunny Magic

Easter is looming... the caramel eggs are in the shops, all the bakeries are smelling of hot cross buns and the Easter Bunny is getting ready. But...
Not all bunnies dream of being an easter bunny!
Some dream of being the best magicians bunny EVER! Who can beat the joy and magic of a bunny being pulled from a hat!
2 extra brooches with a rabbit popping out of a magicians hat. The blue oval one has beads for the eyes.

Lucky Shamrock Brooch for St Patricks Day - Tutorial

St Patricks Day Brooch
A little Irish Shamrock to help celebrate St Patricks Day. This is a great little activity for beginners and has even been tested by children (being a teacher means you have some handy testers near by!)
The Irish have considered shamrocks as good-luck symbols since earliest times, so this is a nice way to bring a little luck to yourself (or family and friends!) 

Felt or felted wool scraps (green and backing colour eg black)
Needle and matching thread
Brooch pin back

1. Design... quickly sketch up a clover shape, cut out and pin onto fabric.

2. Cut out and place onto your backing colour. This requires you to hold the shape into position with your fingers more than relying on the pin! Grab some thread (I use 2 strands of embroidery floss, but this comes with a WARNING... don’t rush the separation process, because it can form into evil knots.)


3. Stitch around the entire shamrock. You can use any stitch you are comfortable with or depending on the look you want. I like to go around the edge (I use a whip stitch).

4. Cut around your shamrock leaving a border. Place this on your backing colour (this can be the same as the first colour, or a matching colour, I used green)

5. Stitch these 2 together. This gives more strength and stability to the brooch. Stitch a brooch pin to the backing, trim all edges, and your done!!

Please remember that this is not intended for commercial use. You can make as many of these as you want but please don't sell them or reproduce this tutorial.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kiwi Bird Felt Brooch

I have a few more NZ birds I am working on, but here is the next addition... The KIWI.
A lovely flightless bird who represents all us Kiwis. (For anyone outside of NZ, we are referred to as Kiwi's not New Zealanders generally).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Resin Hearts

After Horse Fiasco, some pieces that have worked...
1. Zen's Heart - This heart is made up of 2 Korus, which my daughter has used in some art pieces to represent me and her. Sculptered in clay, silicon molded and then cast with some colour.
2. Glitter bracelet - For a young girl. Very sparkly. Only issue is the white of the holes on the back, will need to use wire coated with resin pulled through to coat and reshine the inside.
3. Landscape bracelet - Some dark spots where resin seeped, but am happy with concept! A reminder to seal pictures very carefully!

  Want to make your own bracelet... there are so many sites to draw tips from, but I was helped out alot by watching the video from the Naughty Secretary Club.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Resin Horse Chaos

Due to work space issues, resin has taken a temporary back seat to other crafts. Felt inspired to try a horses head pendent, but silicon was not my friend today!

I had the horses head all ready to mold, prepared everything properly with a container ready to position the head and pour the silicon. All seemed fine, till I realised 2 issues just after I had poured it... the ears of the horse were awfully close to one side, and the head had shifted slightly. Panic!

Tested a resin mix in the mold, saying nice words of encouragement to it, but was right... has issues. The ears have molded funny due to position and movement. :(
Still the chance I can fix this issue in sanding though. Also realised that the back of the head is at a strange angle... *!@#*
A 2-part mold may have been better in theory, but was only a small piece. May need to revisit tutorials. Bodyscape has clear instructions, and I also just stumbled on a tutorial that does a 1-cast mold in a different way, giving a 2-cast result. (warning, guy has no safety gear, a big no-no! wear gloves, trust me!)
Time to work out ideas to salvage situation... possible horses head sculptural masterpiece with a mass of them?
Could work as a mafia "horses head in the bed" prop for a dolls house?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little alien invasion

A quiet day with teenagers busy gossiping in their own world, and an 11 yr old feeling a tad left out... solution?
Make an alien of course. AG was very proud of herself, and her stitching improved as she tackled it. 
This comes from the book Felties byNelly Pailloux. The book has some great little characters that are so easy for children to sew as well. She also has some other great crochet characters, especially Crobots and you can see some of these at La fee Crochettes blog or flicker page

Friday, March 4, 2011

Native NZ bird 2

I am really liking how these turned out. Its always nice when you can surprise yourself!
I had to sketch the birds first and then simplify into main shapes and colours for the pattern pieces.
This bird has lovely colours, but they should really blend more together (will need to learn needle felting for this).

This bird is a Takahe, and can only be found in NZ. Such a gorgeous bird but it is now endangered.

Name That Bird - project progress of felt brooch

Started a new felt project, felt pictures. I say pictures becuse they can be used as a brooch, hairclip, hairband etc. 
Can you guess the NZ Bird...

...NZ Fantail!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mini project - bookmarks

What to do with leftover pieces of felt? Bookmarks!
I made a mini Guardin Book Monster that goes with the bigger version. This could work as a bookmark or a badge. 

Going with my bunny theme, I also made 3 bunny bookmarks. These have carrots on the end of the ribbon and are soft and flat, so very book friendly.

Lion Cookies

I stumbled across these lion cookies at Diamonds for Desserts and thought they were fabulous!
My first attempt is a bit shaky, especially for eyes as I couldnt find the right kind at the time. They are also missing ears. Not only are they cute, but also very yummy! I also like the purple penguin cookies, will try those next.