Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Resin Horse Chaos

Due to work space issues, resin has taken a temporary back seat to other crafts. Felt inspired to try a horses head pendent, but silicon was not my friend today!

I had the horses head all ready to mold, prepared everything properly with a container ready to position the head and pour the silicon. All seemed fine, till I realised 2 issues just after I had poured it... the ears of the horse were awfully close to one side, and the head had shifted slightly. Panic!

Tested a resin mix in the mold, saying nice words of encouragement to it, but was right... has issues. The ears have molded funny due to position and movement. :(
Still the chance I can fix this issue in sanding though. Also realised that the back of the head is at a strange angle... *!@#*
A 2-part mold may have been better in theory, but was only a small piece. May need to revisit tutorials. Bodyscape has clear instructions, and I also just stumbled on a tutorial that does a 1-cast mold in a different way, giving a 2-cast result. (warning, guy has no safety gear, a big no-no! wear gloves, trust me!)
Time to work out ideas to salvage situation... possible horses head sculptural masterpiece with a mass of them?
Could work as a mafia "horses head in the bed" prop for a dolls house?

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Bonneau said...

your beautiful art has inspired me to decapitate horses in honor of you. Off to the knacker's yard!